Thursday, December 4, 2014

Birthday Boy

Our little boy has been on his own for the past five months.  And he's managed to stay fed, fit, and well.  We are so proud.  Any little doubts we had about this time of independent living were quickly dispelled.  He learned to pay bills, make doctor appointments, manage a house, and cook real food.  He's hosted youth meetings and started discipleship lessons with young people and helped at the church in our little town. 

We're sorry he's on his own for his big 1-9 birthday, but glad to know that he's okay and doing great, and that we will see him shortly.  And then we will have some cake and ice cream!  Share some stories and tales from his past five months.  And enjoy.

Happy Birthday, William Atha!  You've done well and will continue to do more.  Remember who love you for you and not for what you do.  We love you because you were born to us, a product of a loving family.  Nothing you can do will make us love you any more or any less.

Listen with respect to the father who raised you,
    and when your mother grows old, don’t neglect her.
Buy truth—don’t sell it for love or money;
    buy wisdom, buy education, buy insight.
Parents rejoice when their children turn out well;
    wise children become proud parents.
So make your father happy!
    Make your mother proud!
{from Proverbs 23}

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  1. Watching you grow from the first time we saw you until now has been an adventure.Thankful for our part in a wonderful fun time. We love you,Grandma and Grandad


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