My Rat Dog

Our Rat Killing Dog!  Go, Girl, go!  Last night a rat ran through the kitchen and living room and scrambled into my closet to hide.  Tiny cornered it in the closet.  We banged on the closet to scare it out.  Old Girl dog grabbed it up on its run for its life and squeezed the life out of it!  What a dog!  10 years old and still going strong!

We have to deal with lots of critters on the mission field.  Some are ugly like rats.  Oh, how I hate them!  But we can be thankful for good dogs that help protect our house from beasts of all types including thieves!  Our dogs have cornered rats, mice, snakes, possums.  Chased big toads, ran off stray dogs and cats, and attacked a few "intruders" over the years.

Thankful for my dogs!


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