Fall Prayer Letter - Part 1

Our prayer letters are written by my husband, Byron, with his famous wit and wisdom.  This one was just sent out last week by snail mail.  If you are interested in receiving a copy at your home or church address, send me a message with your address...

Hello, everyone. There is so much to tell but, as usual, as soon as I sit down my mind goes as blank as the screen. Where to start . . .
In books and fireworks everyone likes a big finale, but I think I'll start with the big news first.  Dalton, our middle son, has graduated from High School.  He chose not to finish the therapeutic part and left after graduation a few days before his 18th birthday.  He spent about 3 weeks with us working through getting registered for college, and getting a job, a license, and a place to live. As I told him, they were the best days we've had as a family in years.  He got a good job, not because the pay is spectacular but because it's close to home and a good environment in a small business run by Christians who are 40+ year friends of the family (we started young:).  We were a bit disappointed that it turned out to be night school 1-2 times a week, but he is doing the welding course at the local community college, living with Granny Atha and working out at a gym.

He has made remarkable changes in many areas and says he doesn't want to go back to some of his old ways, but he maintains contact with the same old friends.  Our greatest concern is that while he has less hostility, he has no interest in spiritual things.  Pray that he will resist temptation and that he will come back to the Truth he was taught.
William is getting established in life and while he may have escaped his parents he has found lots of "uncles" to help him and to keep him straight.  He's doing preliminary classes at the same local Community College as Dalton and plans to transfer and move to a Christian college later.  He's also an intern at his church and on occasion even has a little time to work for money.  He put a lot of effort into spending time with his brothers in August.

Greyson continues home school here at, well, home.  He's active at church and is busy adding to the number of instruments he can play - or at least play with.

Though I really struggled with the decision, that in retrospect seems obvious, I was eventually persuaded to return for Dalton's graduation and to help get him settled in life.  Michele scoured the web and found the cheapest way short of taping a handle to our backs and going as checked luggage.  I'm not much for vacations but I have a bucket list.  Eiffel tower, Great Wall of china, Australian outback, the plains of the Serengeti, Panama canal, Redwood forest: I've imagined visiting them all. I just never imagined they would all be layovers on the same circuitous trip home. Well, all except the Redwood forest. California was deemed to be too much of a straight line from Miami to Raleigh, NC and straight lines were expressly prohibited by the conditions of our tickets.  Remember, ticket price is the inverse of distance traveled. To cross the equator cheaply you can fly from the equator to the south pole then to the north pole and then down to the other side of the equator - or you can just walk across the street.  It's just part of missionary life.
Well, I know what people say about long missionary letters so I'd better close. There's so much to tell but it'll have to wait for the next letter.



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