Faraway Family

visit to nephews' home in 2014
I'm not a real great "faraway" aunt.  I can't remember all my nephews' birthdays [there are only three].  I have to look up their address every time I need it.  But, hey!  I know what their dog's name is and what the tree looks like in the side yard because of a wild, crazy, not well planned trip from NC to Texas on a stateside furlough in 2014.  It was only a few days, but was precious and memory making.

Seems that's the life of a faraway missionary aunt.  And now I'm a faraway missionary mama with two of our boys in the US of A and only one here in Brazil with us.

Yes, I worry.  I see the weather report for North Carolina and wonder if they are safe and warm.  I hear about accidents on Highway 14 and hope they are no where nearby.  But I try not to obsess with my worrying - just casual curiosity.

 I'm happy for quick chats on Facebook and occasional Skype calls.  It's a new phase of my missionary life.

silly moment with a nephew in August 2015

Things I do to keep in touch:

Friday blog posts for my nephews with a true, in real life story about my family at Aunt Michele's Stories

Work hard to remember those birthdays with a real paper card

Message my big boys with newsy info every Friday and little quips throughout the week

Keep my Skype light on all the time I'm online

Pray every day for my big boys and regularly for the three little nephews who aren't so little anymore


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