Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Recently I attended a regional ladies' meeting for all of our area churches here in the valley.  In the afternoon attendees could choose between several workshops.  I chose based on which location would be the coolest and figured that the class held in the main auditorium would be the best!  Interestingly enough it was about women's mental health.

The speaker related the many signs of severe depression and anxiety.  As she went over her lists, I could have easily put a check mark on each and every item as I've experienced them all over the past two years.  At one point she mentioned that if you have had any or some of the symptoms for more than six months, you need professional help.  I started calculating in my little head the time frame of my "symptoms:" forgetfulness, insomnia, heart palpitations, acts of random rashness, anger, despair...

I finally decided on 515 consecutive days.  How many days is six months?  180?

Today I am thankful that I am still here!  Still on the field, still married to my man, still healthy, still kicking and getting set to celebrate my 50th birthday on this Friday.  I made it through a dark valley of my life - not always with total grace and style - but with prayer and with daily gratitude for small blessings in the midst of terrible anxiety and pain.  Today I can praise God for helping my family as we faced some large obstacles and trudged our way through to the other side.

On this Thanksgiving 2015 I am thankful for:

my praying friends near and far

my husband

my three sons

my mother and father

my extended family

my Savior and God

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