Friday, February 12, 2016

View from My Front Porch

Today starts the beginning of a new series of blog posts.  Every Friday I plan to put up a single video or photo shot directly from my front porch here in Sobradinho, Bahia, Brazil.  

Today's clip is from last week.  I was actually standing on the sidewalk and not technically smack on the porch, by the way.  Our region of Brazil is very dry and receives a limited amount of rainfall every year.  Once every forty years or so, that amount shrinks substantially making for extreme drought conditions.  We have been in a drought of about three years.  Imagine living in a place where it rains about one time on one day once a year.  This January we had some of the biggest total annual rainfall of the past five years - yes, all in one month's time!  There was much flooding to say the least.  And our grass began to grow again after how many years?  We water it minimally with run off water from the washing machine.  But we rarely have to cut it.  So for the first time in about three years, Byron had to cut the grass!  And that's the view this week from my front porch!

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