Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunny Days

It's a windy day on my front porch today.  Yesterday was an odd day in Sobradinho with very dark clouds most of the morning.  We don't use any electric lights during the day most of the time, but yesterday was so dark I actually kept the lights on for a bit.  You can see above that the light comes in quite nicely from the porch.

We actually work hard to use as little electricity as possible.  The front door is open most of the day and is only closed late at night.  The doors have slats to let in the wind flow to help keep the house cooler - not that it helps a lot on really hot days!

Inside someone is quietly reading on the couch for a bit.  Outside from the porch today you would see Byron starting to work on the big water pipe that goes out to the sewer box.  He thinks we have some roots from our big nut tree impeding the flow of things.  Just another crazy thing that missionaries might find themselves doing on the mission field.  Digging!

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