Thursday, August 11, 2016

Birthday Boy

Walnut Cove NC, 1998, Caleb's party, My weren't you cute
Dear Dalton...

This will be your first birthday away from your Mama.  You're there in the USA and I'm here in NE Brazil.  I can't make you some brownies or get Papa to grill some hamburgers.  We can't host a crazy party and invite gobs of friends.  We can't go to a skate park or down to the lake to ride the jet ski.

It's all a part of being an TCK/MK.  We can grieve a little and bemoan the facts OR we can choose to have a great day.  We can enjoy some video phone calls and a few laughs.  You can visit your Granny and get a phone call from Grandaddy.  You can receive some cards in the mail (hope you got mine).  And get lots of happy birthday messages on social media.  Maybe even you'll get a gift or two and enjoy some brother time with good old William.

Some silly ideas...

Don't let the day go past unspent - do something festive, let people know at work and the gym, tell the guy at the cash register, accept some hugs and kisses from friends and strangers.

Make your own party - buy some ice cream in your own honor and tell Granny to warm up the cake oven with some hot brownies.  Go over and enjoy some quality time.

Search for your name on your mama's crazy blog and read over past posts in your honor and enjoy some old memories.

Lastly, look forward to the next time your mama and papa will be in NC when we can all go to that little Italian pizza joint in Reidsville and enjoy a goofy movie or some silly game time in the missions house afterwards.

18th birthday, 2015, Stoneville NC

Being an MK has its downsides on birthdays and holidays but hopefully our sense of love is stronger than many families as we must cherish the times together a little more as the years go by.

We love you, birthday boy!  We're glad you are doing well and can't wait to see you in person again soon enough.  Ah, I think I'll take my own advice and enjoy the day and make some brownies for tonight!

Your Mama

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