Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quilting for Love

Years and years ago I took a quilting class at a quaint little specialty cloth store in a ritzy part of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I was around 25 and teaching at a small Christian school.  Another teacher had found out about the class and wanted someone to go along.  I thought it would be cool as both my grandmothers had been a quilters - one perhaps more fancy than the other.  The fancy quilter had just passed away and somehow it felt like a homage to her.

My teacher friend and I had to leave school a little early missing a weekly teacher's meeting for several weeks.  Every time the principal saw us leaving he would say silly things about why would a girl going to a tropical country soon to be a missionary need to know how to make quilts?

I made a baby quilt mostly because it was less expensive and less time consuming.  Around that same time I went through the grief of two miscarriages.  Babies didn't seem to be on the agenda for my husband and I, at least not then.  We were traveling to churches all around Virginia and North Carolina on deputation to go to Brazil.  But somehow I managed to finish the country blue and dusty rose colored quilt.  Later it was included in one of my two suitcases and a few boxes when we finally did leave for Brazil in 1994.

Not long after that Baby #1 was born - William in 1995 and not long after that #2 - Dalton in 1997.  We had next to nothing, but I had that quilt!  It was laid on the baby crib of each of my boys - not much used due to the heat, but nonetheless present.  It was proudly displayed on my wall in several homes as well.  It was made with much love and is now tucked safe in my big black travel trunk.

Now I don't have all the fancy equipment that I bought way back when, but a new fellow and a new baby soon to be born have come along in my life.  So, I"m quilting again.  No ritzy cloth shoppe, no rotary cutters and fancy see-through quilting rulers.  This time old style with ruler, scissors, pins and paper, and a cat to help and much, much love!

For some reason the cat is never far behind...

This is the reverse side.  It's a bought panel that I found online in the USA,
 and dear Granny A mailed to me here in Sobradinho. 

Somewhere along the line one of my little boats got turned in the wrong direction.
I think the cat did it, but decided to leave it be after some advice of pals.

This is the top-side.  It's a typical nine-block thingy with one extra strip 
to make the top at long at the back panel.
Finding material that I like wasn't easy.

The cat was just trying it out to see if it's worthy of a sleeping baby.

I've run into some snags with pinning.  I'm not happy and haven't started actually quilting.  It won't be easy to have the back lined up with the front, so I might go with tying.  I'm giving myself until Monday to figure it out.

As soon as I'm done with this one for a little fellow that just turned one, I'll be starting on one for his soon-to-be born sissy.  It will be an all original applique quilt of pink elephants.  No, I've never done applique before - but these past few years have been full of doing new things.

It's all for love!  It's exciting to be awaiting our first grandbaby and to become a special part of the life of this little fellow below.  It will be a while before I get to meet Destinie and Chase in person, face-to-face, but I can tell you that love doesn't have to wait.  With each stitch of this little quilt, I'm adding love and prayers - and one drop of blood!  Yes, I pricked my finger one day and a nice little drop of blood landed right on a white square.  It washed out well, but hey, it is a quilt for a pirate!

It's not easy having two boys in the States.  Sometimes the harsh reality of the distance is tough.  It's a part of missions that I knew would come one day but didn't know how it would be for me.  Many factors have played into our situation leaving me often feeling quite overwhelmed.  But, I am confident of God's will in serving in Brazil right now and working hard to reach out with love and kindness from far away until we meet face to face.

Dalton, Chase and Destinie with soon-to-be sissy - 
Mariya will who be born in December.
Prayers please for these four!

By the way, I want to be called /Gran-Ma-Má/ just like the grandmother on the Addams Family.  
I hope that little Chase will give me that honor and Mariya, too.  
I'll be coming before too long, and we'll have great fun then.
In the mean time, cuddle up with the quilt I'm sending soon and feel loved.


  1. I have no doubt that the quilts will be beautiful. I've made an armful without the fancy stuff, too. Still have three in the makings but they're set aside for the "winter." Hah! Maybe my winter years. One day. Down the road a spell. Hugs and prayers for you & your family!

  2. Awwwww I love this so very much - the whole story is just awesome. And you are so talented. I remember going to quilting classes with my Grandmother. I would help cut things out. But I have zero talent in sewing or even cross stitch so I'm pretty sure quilting is out for me.


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