Thursday, November 3, 2016

Prayers for My Boys

USA furlough, 2004
When my boys were small, my prayers were for things like colds and getting along with their brothers. I remember asking God that they all nap at the same time and go to sleep at a decent hour - Ah! and sleep all night long, please!  My prayer thoughts included transitions to American life and school while on furloughs and general safety while on the mission field.  Just simple things.  No snake bites, no tropical diseases, please.

safety prayer moment

Now that two of my fellows are far from home and one is almost out of the nest, my prayers for each have changed just a little to things like - help them pay their bills, guide them with life choices, give them health so they won't have to pay for a doctor, keep them away from all those big temptations guys face in today's world, keep them safe. 

For the longest time after William went to the States in 2015 I prayed that he wouldn't go hungry...

Does he look hungry?
Today my prayers also include some special young ladies and one cute as a button grandbaby.... Yes, sometimes I worry about whether they have all they need, if they have enough food,
 and enough bananas since I hear that the little guy loves bananas +mais. 

Just look at all that love.  Photo by William.

Now I also include the little fellow in my prayers and that he may grow up into a great man of God.  I pray that his parents will be wonderful examples for him to follow.  I thank God over and over all through my days for Dalton's salvation decision and for giving this young man a second chance at life. I thank God for the exceptional lady that came into his life at just the right time.  And I pray for the little one that will be born soon.  I pray that she will be born healthy, of course.  And I pray that she, too, will come to know the Lord as Saviour of her life.  

My prayers include this young lady as she studies at an university in the States and looks towards the future.  I pray for her witness and testimony wherever she goes. I ask God to care for her safety on that big college campus and on her drives back and forth to home.  And I remember to pray as she and our oldest consider their future together.

Last one at home
 When this one was a wee little thing, there were lots of prayers for health.  Now I pray for strength for all his projects and for focus as he works mostly independently on his high school work. I pray for safety and he comes and goes at night here in town and by bus to his music classes in the big city.  And I thank God a lot for his mostly happy disposition and his patience with his old parents.

Thank you, God, for each one!

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