Monday, August 7, 2017

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This afternoon my babe will leave on a jet plane and fly off to the U.S.A. with no mama and no papa to accompany him, with no one to hold his hand, with no one to say "go here" and "get in that line over there" or "get your passports out."

He's had his share of traveling experiences with family and without, by bus and by plane, so his mama and papa won't worry -
 not too much.  

on our way to Belem in 2010

Fortaleza Airport, 2007
But as a mama, I reserve the right to be slightly concerned as he charts his own way through major hubs, immigration, and customs along the way.  Yes, he's been well versed and has a packet full of all the right documents, but I'll be relieved to know that he's made it through just fine on Tuesday morning.

As the last to leave the nest, we've had some good times and enjoyed some grand travels in the USA and all around Brazil.  We have had a good relationship and hopefully given this Third Culture Missionary Kid what he needs to make it in the big world out there.

There are always some worries and concerns for a mama, anywhere, but especially when the "drive" will be rather long in the case of any emergency.  Thankfully, Greyson will have two big brothers, grandparents, a great host family and a slew of people to give him direction and care over the next school semester until we join him in the states at the end of the year for our furlough.

This year has been incredible as we worked hard to squeeze in lots of good memory making moments - like sleeping in the back of our truck on our Big Brazil trip and living to tell about it.  You can't just do that kind of crazy stuff with just any crazy teenager, but Greyson is a unique young man with a special grace and maybe a little love for his old parents.

We've had a good run.  And it's not over yet.  Perhaps our futures will go along together on the mission field, perhaps not, but regardless, we rest assured that God gave us these past three years with just one in the nest, together in ministry and home as a special blessing.

Pal, you've given your old parents some sweet memories over the past three years with just you in the house.  We are very thankful.  When you made the decision to go early and start your senior year first semester instead of waiting for our furlough at year's end, your mama was a little worried, but you've proven yourself to be ready.  You are going to be very missed because of all you do in the ministry here in Brazil, and because of the happiness you add to our every morning. Our prayers and thoughts go with you.

"Painful though parting be, 
I bow to you as I see you off to 
distant clouds." 

Emperor Saga

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