Are You Enjoying Your Vacation?

So you're on furlough from foreign missionary service and someone asks you how you are enjoying your vacation.  At the moment you've rushed from an engagement that morning, to the home in which you are staying where you hurrily cleaned up the house for a small group meeting leaving your daughter-in-law prepping snacks and icing cupcakes, only to jump in the car to head off to an evening engagement an hour and a half away over mountainous roads... how do you answer?  

Your whole week has been consumed with taking care of grandbabies, helping plan a wedding that will happen in less than two weeks, helping family with the care of an elderly grandpa, visiting your parents in another state for a day trip and lunch, studying a little for a continuing education class, doing normal household chores, making daily runs to take our teen to driver's ed at a big high school, visiting a far off grocery store looking for ingredients for the wedding shower, going out with family to test food at a place that caters weddings, cooking this and that for all that family to eat here and there, no naps, lots of coffee, and I think I read the Bible a couple of times along the way of this week.

Life in America is crazy.  Is it a vacation?  Is furlough a vacation?

helped my man at two services on Sunday

attended a bridal shower with my daughter-in-love on Saturday

fixed my teen a birthday supper on Thursday

drove to see Mom and Dad on Monday

quietly sitting and thinking

Here I sit for five minutes of peace before I run out the door to help a boy choose a suit in which to get married.  And I'm thinking that I need a vacation... 

I haven't decided on my answer to the question yet.  I'll get back to you on that!  I am absolutely sure the person meant well, absolutely.  But there has to be a good response to this request.  There must be.


  1. You can do this.Daddy and I have been praying for you. Even though we have tried not to give you more jobs to do are just so great at getting things done.Maybe things will quiet down in a month if not think about an escape plan,maybe Wva.Love you.

  2. Sure, you're enjoying your vacation. Lol. Enjoy the journey!
    Love ya!


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