Telling Others


Every week I tell the same Bible story in six different interior places.  I sing Bible songs and hug little precious friends in three more spots along the way.  We have been on this route for about three years with some variations.

Sometimes it seems none of them really pay much attention.  Cows and horses run by and everyone looks.  Some kids decide to play soccer nearby in the middle of a lesson.  Every once in a while a boy or girl gets mad at another and starts a rock fight.

Every week is different and I never know quite what to expect.  Yes, this week I had to haul a little rock thrower back to his house with a stern face. Sometimes what I think is a great lesson is a wash-out and others a review lesson is better than than it was the first time around.

Yet we hope and we pray that telling others will result in changed lives.  Lately I have been praying for a few of the older boys and girls that attend the little Bible schools.  I pray that each one will decide to choose Jesus as their Lord and Savior before the cares of world get a hold of their hearts.

We are going to take a little break from our sandrail travels in a few weeks.  

Pray with me that our "students" will think of the things they have been taught and be happy to see us when we get back.  

Pray that volunteers will visit some of the communities while we are gone.

Pray for more individuals to join us in the work in the Salitre River Valley soon.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead each one to the knowledge of salvation before the end of the year.

You can see photos and short clips of what we do at:


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