Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our God is Still Saving Boys and Girls

About 12 boys and girls made the decision to accept Jesus as their one and only Saviour, Lord and new Friend this week out on Treasure Island Camp. With the help of 7 American girls, 2 Brazilian young ladies, and 8 Brazilian young men and many others, 27 children heard the Gospel presented over and over during the course of our 3 day, 2 night retreat.

I am so thankful for all that volunteered their services during this work for God's glory including a very special couple - Sr. Carlos and Dona Regina of Juazeiro da Bahia. Dona Regina is the cook for many of our retreats. She willingly came to work in the kitchen and receive no pay knowing that none of the children could afford to come and were being given these 3 days free. Sr. Carlos worked extra time to be able to come as well and help both in the kitchen and in the camp canteen.

I wept tears of joy on the last morning of the retreat knowing that little lives were going home changed because of Jesus! Thank you to all who committed to pray for this venture.

Today I visited 3 boys and 1 girl who live up near where we always park the camp boat. One of the houses was a little hard to find and included fording a small stream (I'm sure the boys would say - very small, Mama!). 1 of the boys and the little girl had made salvation decisions at camp. Please pray that they will come to church with us tomorrow. It will not be easy to pick them up and bring them home again with all of our Sunday responsibilities, but with God's Great Help it will be done.

 Some who made decisions this week at camp.


  1. This is wonderful news Michelle.God bless you for your commitment to your calling.♥

  2. Great news to share with friends that were praying for God to save lives.I'll share the news with them this morning.Jer.33:3

  3. I´m thrilled to hear this good news and pray that much more fruit will come of the hard work and dedication of somany to sharing the good news of the Gospel.


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