Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blessings Along the Way, Part 2

Waiting for a bus, Santa Maria do Para
More about my adventure travels in the State of Para:

While traveling about the state of Para with Granny Atha and another lady from the States, we spent a good bit of time just sitting and waiting.  Waiting for planes and buses mostly.  Greyson and I spent a good five hours in the Belem airport on the very first day waiting for the two ladies who came in on a later flight than ours.  Waiting isn't always bad.  We went prepared and had lots of things with us to occupy our time.

One hot afternoon while we waited for a bus to go into Sao Miguel do Guama from Castanhal, I met a young man named Luciano.  I had noticed he was carrying a guitar and a guitar case.  The guitar was out of the case but the case seemed heavy and full!  Apparently he had his laundry in the case and the guitar no longer fit!  He asked me if I was an American and if I was a missionary.  I replied, Yes, to both and asked him if he was a musician.  He replied, Yes, but that his family looked down on him for it.

We began an interesting spontaneous chat about lots of things including music, parents, traveling, goals and hopes for the future.  Our talk was just getting to a great point to share the Gospel.  Luciano had just gotten out his Catholic Bible and was telling me where he had been reading recently and that he read from it each and every day.  Then our bus came!  Then the hurry up after all the waiting to get our luggage on the bus and find our tickets and ...  I told him good-bye with a little regret and turned to get on the bus.  Then I stepped down  and went back to where he was putting away his Bible and said, Listen, we didn't get to finish our conversation, but here is a special tract that I have been saving to give to just the right person.  I think that person is you.  Read it with your girlfriend you told me about and consider it carefully!  We shook hands and off I went.

Best hopes for you, Luciano de Capanema.  Best hopes for your career.  Best hopes for your clean lifestyle and all my prayers for you to come to know the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as your very own!

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