Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sharing the Word

Part #3 of my Traveling Mercies - Blessings Along the Way...

One evening in the little town of Sao Miguel do Guama about three hours from the big city of Belem, our little group stopped for an ice cream after supper at a little churrascaria (grilled meat restaurant).  I noticed that the clerk of the small ice cream booth was helping her young daughter with her evening's homework from school and that it was English.

After we had ordered the lady asked from whence we had come.  Some how people always figure out that I'm not exactly "from around here" and ask where I am from.  I am never quite sure if it's my somewhat red hair, my very blonde sons, or my really bad Portuguese?  Go figure!  Anyway, I responded that, no, I was from somewhere else and of course, the next question was - Where?  I explained that I live in the state of Bahia, but that I was originally from the United States.

Right about then the little girl asked her mother a question about her lesson!  I asked if I might be of some help, since I know a little about English.  So I ended up helping the eight year old girl named Taiana with her homework for about 10 minutes while we all ate our ice cream.  I eat ice cream really fast.  So I finished way before the others!  After I was done with the lesson, I asked Taiana if she liked my bracelet and pointed to my wordless book bracelet.  She said, Yes, that it was very pretty. I told her that each color had a meaning and asked if she would like to hear about it.  She once again replied affirmatively.  So I carefully told her about the black, red, white, yellow and green beads on my wordless book bracelet along with a memorized verse to go with each color.  She listened very attentively and responded well to each of my questions.  She admitted that she was indeed and sinner and that she did indeed need to be forgiven! 

Sadly the others in my group were now done with their ice cream and a little ready to go.  So I gave Taiana my bracelet and told her my name.  I asked her to never forget our conversation and to consider carefully what we had discussed.  I told her that if she really wanted to have Jesus in her own life and heart that all she had to do was pray like we had talked and ask God to forgive her sins because of the act of Jesus on the cross to pay for them.  She smiled and said thank you and that she would not forget.

I'm not sure if she may have made a decision right then as we were together, but I know that the seed was planted in her heart and she has a visual reminder in my bracelet gladly given.

I'm praying for you, Little Taiana of Sao Miguel.  May the Lord use our short time together to draw you to Him.

 How to Make a Wordless Book Bracelet


  1. Oh, Michele, wouldn´t it be amazingly wonderful if we see her in heaven?!

  2. How wonderful, what a great way to faithfully plant the seed and trust God for the fruit. you are a wonderful gardener in many realms!- Jodi


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