Monday, January 17, 2011

My Retreat, January 2011

Rest!  That's a friend's word for 2011!  I know she's a hardworking, homeschooling missionary mom just like me and the word may seem totally ironic, but I know exactly what she means.  She wants to look for those quiet times to sweet peace and rest in the Lord God.  They may be brief, they may be far between, but those tranquil moments that we need to slowly recharge.  Did you know that the rechargeable batteries that take longer to recharge last longer!  We need that slow recharge from time to time to give us what it takes to be energizer bunnies!

Path to my Cabin

This past week was a six-day retreat out on the island for hearing-impaired.  My responsibilities were limited since I was not in the kitchen, canteen, or did I have to do any of the shopping.  So thankfully I could dedicate my free time for taking pictures for the camp website and to ME!  I took lots of books for myself and the boys.  The boys and I had a writing workshop time each morning during the morning service for the campers.  It was short, but quality time.

I stayed in my cabin for a good part of each day and read for leisure and in preparation for a conference for women later this year where I will be the main speaker.  I enjoyed catching up on my daily Bible reading, as well.  I did lots of Sudoku puzzles, too!  When I did need to go out to take photos, I took time to speak with campers and check up on the ladies in the kitchen.  I also visited with the island caretaker's wife several times in her house.

My pal, Calebe, in the middle

In spite of all the work and flurry going on around me and some of the work to prepare to go and to pack up to leave, I had a good week of rest for my soul.  I also took time to enjoy speaking with the boys and girls that had come along to the retreat.  I am especially fond of one pastor's son and daughter and hope that they enjoyed our chats and walks together!

A Hummer for my Mother

The island was full of happy birds this week since we have gotten some much needed rain recently.  One day I sang with a orange and black bird known as a sofrego.  I would copy and whistle its little ditty and the bird would sing back to me.  Some of the workers in the kitchen (hearing ones) were listening and came out to see the bird.  I enjoyed that moment very much.  I was not able to get a good photo of that bird.  Hummers were out in abundance, both the small emerald ones and blue scissor tailed!

Book I'd love to read -

Rest Stops For The Soul


  1. That's wonderful that you could have this rest! Recharged batteries...we all need that, do we not?!

  2. I love that you were able to rest a bit and refresh. I enjoy the birds too, as you know, and often we sing together! For me, it is a blessing sent from the heart of God!

  3. Welcome home! Looking forward to chatting again soon.

  4. Thanks for the picture of the Hummingbird.We are enjoying all of our winter time birds as we wait for the April Hummers. Daddy mixed up a little peanut butter in a seed tray this morning.Watching to see which birds enjoy it the most.


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