Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Times

My Daddy had a birthday this week and my thoughts have been on home and happy times with him over the years.  Here's a few...

Stopping at the canal locks near Harper's Ferry on a trip.  I loved going over the bridge there.

Camping on the Skyline Drive with all the cousins and playing lots of croquet.

Jumping out of the car to see the view on a Blue Ridge Parkway overlook.  Seems Daddy always had time for another overlook.

Going over the mountain from Bedford to Natural Bridge on Route 443 and wondering if Uncle Leon's RV would really make it.

Driving back from the Outer Banks one time with our bathing suits still on and feeling salty all the way home because we wanted to get in one more swim in the ocean before heading back.

Creeping along old Route 24 before it gets to Bedford with each main component of the car's electrical system going out one by one and finding an old farmer man in the middle of the night with just the right battery for Dad's old stationwagon.

Rolling down the dunes at Jockey's Ridge having just been to the beach.  All wet + dry sand = big mess

Driving up that long road to the top of Grandfather Mountain and being a little scared but knowing my Daddy was a good driver.

Eating ice cream on Sunday afternoons at a little place near Loch Raven just outside of Baltimore.  Dad would drive out to the lake and wax his car while we played.

I think I have such fond memories of going places with Daddy, because he loved to drive.  He would take me and my brother along to car parts stores, hardware stores, lumber yards, wherever he happened to be going.  We never had a lot of money for big fancy hotel vacations, but we would camp out and take one day trips all over the place.  It's the time spent and the fun that makes the memories.

Thank you, Daddy, for all my great childhood memories.  I could list a dozen more, but the message would be the same - Time spent with family is never wasted! 

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


  1. What great descriptions of trips with your dad. Almost makes me homesick for mine! I enjoyed visiting your site today.

  2. Love this special Daddy tribute, Michele!


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