Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Things

There are three things I use every single day in my kitchen.  Every once in a while someone asks me, what are some good things for a new missionary wife to bring from the States to Brazil.  Each one of these was well worth the effort to fit into my luggage.

A stainless steel tea kettle for all that water boiling ...

Primula Soft Grip Stainless Steel 3 Quart Tea Kettle with Silicone Handle
This one isn't exactly like mine, but close.  I like the one I have for three great features:
  1. It whistles.
  2. It's big.
  3. My mother gave it to me.

A double burner griddle for toasting bread in a non-toaster world and of course, for pancakes ...

Ecolution Artistry Eco-Friendly Double Burner 12 x 18 Inch Griddle

I like mine because:
  1.  I can do more pancakes, bread, grilled cheese or tapioca cakes at one time, hence my family eats sooner.
  2. My favorite ladies at my favorite missionary ladies' group gave it to me.

Super big dish drainers

Rubbermaid 6032-AR-BLA Large Dish Drainer

Hey, not many dish washers in the third world unless they are "hand-made" jobs!  So you need room for lots of dishes to dry.  Not many places to buy packs of 100 white paper plates for a dollar either.  I have two green Rubbermaid super big dish drainers and love them to death.  Mine are green and I use both at the same time side-by-side and usually fill them both up after a meal between dishes, glasses, pots and pans!  I like to let my dishes dry.  After I'm done washing I cover them with a clean linen cloth.

That's it for my two cents worth for today.

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  1. Love this reminder, Michele! I have always felt hugs as I walk through my house! Hugs from those who gifted me things that I use often (and a few, not so often and a pleasure to use when I do!). I can often picture the person(s) and remember their names. It´s also fun when folks here ooh and ahh over some things I have and I can say - oh THAT was a gift from...!


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