Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oh the Joys of Motherhood

I saw a crazy post on facebook just like this and reworked it for me in my situation.  All three of my boys were born in Brazil...

First born


 1st baby:  I left my appointment when the doctor confirmed my pregnancy and went straight to the                 maternity clothes shop.  (This was in NC before the birth of my first. Lost two pregnancies before coming to Brazil.)
 2nd baby: I wore regular clothes for as long as possible.
 3rd baby: Some of my maternity clothes WERE my regular clothes.

Preparing for the Birth:
 1st baby: I read everything I could about natural birth and breastfeeding.
 2nd baby: I was so busy with the toddler at my feet that I didn't much of any thing.
 3rd baby: I was just ready to get that baby out and spend some quiet time in the hospital for a few days.

The Layette:
 1st baby: I pre-washed newborn clothes, color coordinated them, and folded them all neatly and sewed up  all kinds of stuff for the crib.
 2nd baby: I checked to make sure that the clothes were clean and bought a few new things.
 3rd baby: Boys in Brazil don’t need much, do they?

 1st baby: At the first sign of distress--a whimper, a frown—I  picked up the baby.
 2nd baby: I picked the baby up when his crying threatened to wake the firstborn.
 3rd baby: I convinced the other boys to sit with the baby on the couch and let him watch cartoons.

 1st baby: I changed the baby's diaper every hour, whether they needed it or not.
 2nd baby: I changed  their diaper every two to three hours,only if needed.
 3rd baby: I changed diapers when the other two said – “Look, Mama!”  or “Ooo, stinky.”

Going Out:
 1st baby: The first time we left the baby with a sitter, I called home five times.
 2nd baby: Just before we walked out the door, I remembered to leave a number where we can be reached.
 3rd baby: I left instructions for the sitter to call only if she sees blood.

 At Home:
 1st baby: I spent  a good bit of every day just gazing at the baby.
 2nd baby: I spent a bit of everyday watching to be sure the older child wasn't squeezing, poking, or hitting  the baby.
 3rd baby: I spent a little bit of every day hiding from all the children.

Swallowing Things:
 1st child: When first child swallowed a small plastic button, I called a doctor and got ready to rush the child  to the hospital.  (Doctor said don’t go.)
 2nd child: When second child swallowed something, I knew what to do.
 3rd child: When third child swallowed something, I wasn’t the least bit worried.

Second boy watching tv with little one


  1. Aaron wants to know what was wrong with Dalton's foot in the last picture.

  2. Well, Aaron, I can only guess as I just noticed this after you mentioned it. I imagine it was from getting stuck in bike spokes. He would often let his foot slip into the spokes as he rode on the "garupa" of my bike.


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