Sunday, June 16, 2013

Real POM Dads Fix Things

Whenever my Dad is around, he fixes something.  When I was a girl the joke around the house was that "Beck," my Dad, could fix anything at all.  Sometimes it seemed that all he had to do was look at a car and it was miraculously fixed.

When Dad comes to Brazil, I try hard to make sure he doesn't have to spend his whole time working and fixing things, but he always manages to squeeze in a few good helpful chores. 

Washing machine faucet hook up
before Daddy fixed it, 
I had to fill my machine with buckets and hoses

Square cast iron skillet
Daddy cleaned it up and it hasn't gotten rusty yet

Boys' Go Kart
Daddy helped the boys tune it up, 
although the little boys don't fit in it like they did.

The best things that Daddy fixes 
when ever he is around and about are HEARTS.

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