Merry Christmas from Brazil

What's with that foot in the picture?

Thankful for a fairly happy Christmas inspite of being far from one of our boys this holiday season.  We were blessed to open gifts and cards from grandparents and friends that were carefully placed in our luggage before with left NC.  Our gift exchange was simple but fun and good. 
In the afternoon we traveled to the home of fellow missionaries in the nearby big city and enjoyed an incredible Christmas banquet.  We were thankful and blessed to have our dear neighbor go along and share in the fun as her family were all far away in another state.
We may have been far from our blood relatives and bittersweetly sad but we can be grateful for all God has done for us over the past weeks.  This afternoon it was great to hear Dalton's voice and just a little of his holiday happenings.  We anxiously await the next Christmas when perhaps we can all be together again.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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