Saturday, January 10, 2015

Memories in a Box

 For several days we've been running around the Christmas bush saying, we should take it down today.  Alas others things just kept getting in the way.  This morning right after breakfast we got the tree undecorated and stored away.  The boys worked happily with some Christmas music in the background.  All they had to do was put the stuff on the table.  I put it all carefully away.  My goal this year was "all in one box."

I shed a few quiet tears as I was packing.  Reading little notes attached to ornaments from Community Baptist.  Some of the dear folks are now in heaven.  One little note that called William - "Trip" - made me smile. 

Our Christmas decorations weren't used in 2013 as we were in the States.  The last time they were used, was during some of the times when we were first aware that things were not going well in one of our son's life.  2012 was a rather low Christmas.  No one really helped me with the tree. 

I'm so thankful for Christmas this year.  We put up the tree together and took it down together.  Our gift giving was not extravagant but good.  This year as I closed the lid on the box (had to sit on it a little, all in one box - remember), I was glad to have stuffed in a few good happy memories.

Can't wait for Christmas of 2015.  I feel it will be good, full of thankfulness for what God has done over the course of this year!

Psalm 71:14

But I will hope continually, And will praise You yet more and more.

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  1. The spark of hope inside is a special gift from Him too. Thx for sharing yours.


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