Easter Wishes

Dundalk Free Methodist Church, Baltimore MD

As a young girl I remember when our little church received the beautiful stain-glassed window you see above.  Ours was a simple building.  If I remember correctly another church had been torn down and we were given the window for no cost.  I remember looking more at the window for Sundays and Sundays thereafter than listening to the words of the pastor.


I enjoy well decorated places of worship - the chapel at Ferrum College in Virginia that I first saw during their annual foreign language festivals during high school, the sanctuary of Twin City Baptist where I attended during my freshman year of college in Winston-Salem, and the National Cathedral in Washington DC where Byron and I spent several hours once while waiting for our appointment at the Brazilian Embassy before coming to Brazil the first time as a married couple.  It seems the beauty of such places does draw a heart and mind to heavenly matters.


But we can also "see" God in more meager spots.  For a while in Fortaleza at the church in João XXIII we worshiped under a mango tree sitting on wood planks held up with stacks of red Brazilian bricks.  Currently we go out on Sunday mornings into the neighborhoods of our town to have outside kid's Bible classes. It's studying God's word on the side of street with cars going by, dogs stopping to sniff, people wondering what's up.  Tomorrow that's where I'll be for Easter Sunday - on a street corner.  

I wish for you where'r you be,
A wonderful Easter day.

May it be full of laughter,
with friend and family.

May it remind you of Jesus, 
and the price He paid for you.

Happy Easter,
Jesus does love you.

I Corinthians 15: 3 - 4

Christ died for our sins 
according to the scriptures;
 And that he was buried, 
and that he rose again
 the third day 
according to the scriptures:


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