A Perfect Afternoon

This past Monday we drove down to the big capital city to meet up with our oldest and his girlfriend who were flying in from the States early Tuesday morning.  We got to the place where we were going to stay early in the afternoon and had a few hours of daylight to hit the beach.  It was just enough time to enjoy a dip in the ocean, walk down to an historic lighthouse and have supper at a fancy mall.

I'm super thankful for my family - near and far.   I miss my two Stateside boys immensely.  This afternoon was a perfect mini-getaway day!  It can be difficult for missionaries to get any "time-off" from their "job."  Cost, time, it all adds up to - difficult to pull off.  We were able to make this trip, visit the consular agency for a needed passport renewal, and pick up our boy in our fateful swoop.

Now it's back to work!


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