Looking for God's Will

On Monday, November 13, Byron and I head off on another crazy trip.  Where are we going this time?  Glad you asked!  We are heading for the middle of our state of Bahia.  Below is what our route might look like...

Most of the roads we take will look like the one above - 
dirt and dust!  

If you remember the post about the least evangelized people groups in Brazil, this area is right up there on the list - the hot, dry, desert Northeast.  But as Byron found out on his trip to the Amazon, it would seem that many statisticians haven't physically visited the areas about which they report.  Byron saw many churches in the cities along the rivers that he visited.  Definitely some were not high quality and certainly there are places with no churches at all, but the Bible is around in the Amazon.

We've done some research about the places we will visit this next week.  Presbyterians have had works in this region since the 1950's.  Southern Baptists have quite a few churches as well.  But we will look and see what there is to see up close and personal.

We have four weeks before we leave for furlough.  There is a lot to do before we travel...

Pray for us - for safety and for guidance.


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