Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day Faraway

So yesterday was Mother's Day in just about every country you can think of.  It was in the USA and here in Brazil.  Just for the record, Father's Day here is in August!  And Valentine's isn't exactly the same and it's not in February, but those are other stories for other days.  So it was Mother's Day... humpph!  Here I was in a faraway place without my mother, without my sons and without my grandbabies.  Well, what's a person to do but feel a little downtrodden. 

Thankfully I have a pretty great husband.  I have to tell you he's not always been as great as he is now.  But with age he has ripened into the incredible guy he is today.  Saturday night he suggested we go out - for Mother's Day.  We went out for grilled meat on a stick.  We even drank Coca-cola (we're trying to avoid all that sugar and don't splurge too often on sody-pop), but it's for a holiday and so we did.  When Byron prayed for our meal, he thanked God for me and for the fact that I was a good mother!

When we got home, my marvelous man told me to pick a pay to watch movie on YouTube.  We cut off Netflix a little while back, so this was also a splurge.  I chose I Can Only Imagine since I'd been wanting to see it and hadn't yet and it was only US$3!  I enjoyed it!

Than my most special pal gave me a feet rub and a back massage to top off the evening.  I decided on an easy breakfast and lunch to avoid using the stove and hubby person didn't object.  More brownie points for my man!  

I received the longest text message I've probably ever gotten from one of my boys in honor of the holiday, and appropriate happy messages from the other two.  I got to talk to my mother and my father.  And my bestest friend who's young enough to be my daughter bought me a gift from my favorite perfume shop!

Then it was time for church.  We have Sunday School and our main worship service all in the afternoon and evening.  Sunday School was a little earlier because of Mother's Day and a special planned event with snacks, tea and coffee.  Byron was giving the devotional.  He did a great job.  Then it was time for each child to present their mother with a little gift...

That's when I felt the big hummph... who was going to give me a present?

My oldest son!  He, he, Byron jumped up and proclaimed that he was my oldest baby and that I take very good care of him indeed.

And he said some other silly things in my ear as the girl who was taking all the mother's picture took ours.

And I was grateful and felt very blessed...

After we arrived back home, we were able to successfully video chat with the grands after a brief spell of no Internet connection that left us wondering if it would work out.  The kiddos were very talkative and the conversation was great.  

 I went to bed a happy Missionary Mama.

Years ago my mother was in my boat, far from her son and daughter and grandbabies.  She is my example of grace and poise in moments like these.  She worked hard to be a constant part of our boys' lives in spite of the distance.  She made trips, she sent cards and letters and goodie boxes.  She mailed cassette tapes with stories.  She spent lots of money on long distance phone calls.  

I'm trying to Mom.  It is not an easy task.  But I am thankful for technology that keeps us in touch and for God's grace that gives us peace - on my end and on yours.

Happy Mother's Day!

Last furlough 2018, Bedford, VA


  1. I knew it would be a difficult day for you so I prayed an extra prayer or two for you.I remembered how hard it was for me those years back.But God gives us extra peace at these times.

    1. Thank you very much. God does give us peace. Just sometimes we have to be willing to accept it! I wasn't willing for a bit of the day, but God pulled me in!


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