My last baby boy has finished his bachelor's degree at North Greenville University in the area of worship studies. The event took place this spring.  I've been a little behind on updating things every since our big trip.

Byron and I had the immense privilege to be present in the USA. What a joy to see this day come! Just a week before we were also overwhelmed to participate in Greyson's senior music recital. Every piece was a blessing. All my grandchildren were there, all my boys and daughter-in-laws, assorted extended family and even a missionary aunt and uncle.

Greyson's success in college life was certainly "A Village" of family and loved ones who encouraged him all along the way in word, deed and prayer. Byron and I can never say enough thank you's to express all the gratitude we have especially for his adopted American family - the Scott Potters of Reidsville, North Carolina.

Someone asked me recently if homeschooling was worth it in the long run. Can I say my days of homeschooling were valued and worthy? It's a hard question.  I'm not always sure that I did a great job.  I have some regrets about how I did things. But, yes, I think it was worth it.  

If you are a parent doubting your abilities and patience, press on. Do your best! Do even better! Buy the best materials you can afford Look for assistance and support, and keep going.

This is reposted from my old homeschooling blog on Wordpress.  You can see the original and other articles about our days of schooling on the mission field at Graduation


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